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Madness day

2010-09-22 15:10:48 by HappyTangoMango

Madness day rock (is my first time i see madness day)

1000 points (:

2010-09-19 05:14:25 by HappyTangoMango

ya now i finally got 1000 points on achievements (:

New animation

2010-09-12 06:04:39 by HappyTangoMango

my new animation short are out now hope you will rate it good...

E&M and HappyTangoMango The making of a 8-Bit game...
is now official that the guys between E&M comedy (or just E&M) are making a 8-Bit game whit the uknow and not famous animator HappyTangoMango. the name of the game is 8-bit JUNGLE JUMP and gonna be unserious and just make for fun. the date of the game release date is uknow see more here:


2010-02-01 10:19:22 by HappyTangoMango

okay i work whit my newest game called Grey & Green. The project is in work whit my animation/newgrounds/friend partner called GOcomedy. i think the game will be finish to summer and of course it will be uploaded to Newgrounds! here are some EXCLUSIVE pictures of the game:



2010-01-31 09:22:37 by HappyTangoMango

success whit my new series called o'Mikkel's.
a screen shot of my first o'Mikkel's video there NOT
can upload to



2010-01-02 16:02:03 by HappyTangoMango

Are there someone there can help me whit the Newgrounds loader i can not find out how it work!

StickMan exodus

2010-01-01 15:44:07 by HappyTangoMango

YES is happing for me to make my first movie okay maybe is only a little trailer of it but the ep. 1 are to big to bee uploaded main!

my newest son: Return to Moscow are a viable in the Newgrounds audio portal

newest game sumbittet

2009-11-22 05:33:52 by HappyTangoMango

now are my newest game sumbittet enjoy it ;D